Hello World! Just what you need, another knitting blog

There are few things I love more than the feel and sight of yarn.

There, I said it.

I am a yarnaholic.

Oh, there are things I love more.  My husband.  My parents.   My extended family.  My friends.  USC football. (Although I bet Pete Carroll joins me in wishing  2009 would hurry up and end.  Still think the world of you, Pete, and that touchdown was totally in line and warranted.)

But yarn is up there in the personal pantheon.

The colors! The texture! The feel as it slides through your fingers!  The soft squishiness of a garter square, the smooth yumminess of stockinette!  Cashmere! Merino! Angora! Superwash Wool!  I even appreciate acrylic, for its washability and affordability.

I am gathering little balls of yarn via swaps and trades.  Which in and of itself is far too much fun.

The pattern is Shelly Kang’s Sock Blankie.  If you attempt one, heed my warning: down that road lies addiction.

I’m on my 436th square and I can’t stop.

Send help.


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