Adventures in Sock Pooling

My knitting took a tumble today. I spent most of today working on a sock, and it was a few inches away from completion when a funny thing happened:

I took a good look at it.

Ye gods, was it ugly.

I love the yarn; it is Lucia (which has been discontinued) from Posh Yarn. Lucia is a merino/cashmere blend, so wonderfully soft to the touch. And the yarn is dyed a bright, popsicle variegation that Tony (the color genius behind Posh Yarn) rarely does these days – he seems to prefer the more subtle, saturated, moody colors.

So I wasn’t about to waste it on ugly socks.

The pattern was Dash Socks, by Krista Werbil.  This is the second time I’ve tried this pattern and while I love knitting it – it whips up quickly, thanks to the slipped stitches – so far I have chosen the absolute worst yarn for it.  I have a talent for picking yarn  that will pool and flash in weird ways.  I notice on Ravelry that others don’t have this problem, so it’s obviously not the pattern, it’s me.

But here, see for yourself. Apologies for the flash photo at the end, but I wasn’t about to wait for morning to rip this thing.

It started out so pretty:

but it ended so…poorly.  Pooling like a giant bruise.  Ugh.

Oh well, onto the next project!

And one day, Dash Socks, I will knit you in the yarn that you deserve.


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