Le Apres Surf Hoodie – she is done!

I haven’t knit a sweater in a while.  When I started knitting, I made a few scarfs, a hat, and then plunged into the world of sweaters.  I made three (and granted, I sort of cheated, because they all used bulky – or super bulky – yarn and large needles so they were fairly quick knits.)

And then came along the Apres Surf Hoodie.  I even had the exact same yarn in the exact same color in my stash!  It was obviously meant to be.

Or not.

I knit about 1/3 of a sleeve. And then, for various reasons, the Apres Surf Hoodie went to sleep.  For a long, long time.   I still loved the pattern, and I very much loved the yarn, and the growing gallery of finished Hoodies on Ravelry attested that the problem was not with the pattern, but with me.  (Oh, and I started the Sock Yarn Blankie, which tends to tempt you away from other things – and not just knitting – with its “Just one more square and I’ll quit, I’ll swear” siren call.)

But I finally knuckled down and took the Apres Surf Hoodie seriously.

Et voila!  Enfin, je vous présente Le Apres Surf.

I rather like it.

I added 1/2 inch to the length of the body, wish I had added at least two inches more.  The sleeve length was not modified and they fit great.  The hood is a bit floppy, but that’s my mistake as I picked up too many stitches and should have decreased more often on the i-cord bind-off.  But it’s perfectly wearable, and it’s already been out to dinner (I live in a beach town, every day is Apres Surf here!)


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