Socks for a Frosty Morn…

…not that we have too many of those in the greater LA area.

(Pet Peeve Digression: when newscasters call the greater Los Angeles area “The Southland.” A) Orange County and San Diego are further south; B) the real land of the South is some 3000 miles and a whole ‘nother mindset away.


Anyhoo, another pair of socks for the drawer. These I’m keeping for myself, because there are just too many mistakes and/or oddities. My gauge changed from sock 1 to sock 2, making sock 2 noticeably smaller in the leg. I got complacent when knitting sock 2 and didn’t check my decreases, so sock 2 is four stitches wider in the foot. There was a knot in the skein, so sock 2’s leg has some woven-in ends (I couldn’t get the yarn to do a felted join no matter how much I spit and rubbed – if you’re a knitter, you’d know that is perfectly clean language for use in company.) The yarn, while scrumptious, is a sport/light DK weight, and I think the pattern would work much better in a true 4ply/fingering weight. Mine bag at the ankles no matter how much I tug.

BUT: they are perfectly squishy and comfy and my feet love them – and isn’t that the goal?

Pattern: Frost Flower Socks by Doggrell Designs (Ravelry link – you’ll need to be signed in to see it)
Needles: 2.5mm
Yarn: Skein Queen Plushness in Chocolate Cherries


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